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April 29, 2010 by jenniferdawn73

So have you ever heard someone say something that just made you want to scream. If you’ve been living long I’d gather you can say you have.

Well I had an experience like this the other day, I heard someone say something to the effect of

“It’s just so hard when I have to do everything myself.” Now two things to think about when you read that:

1. While they were saying this someone was offering to help them with something

2. It seems to me that they do not have to do everything themselves they choose to, I’ve offered to help in the past and been told no it’s ok

Needless to say I walked out of the room in order to not behave in an unsaved manner. When people say they are just too overwhelmed and they complain about how much they have to get done, it really makes me wonder if they have even tried to ask for help? Or would they accept it if they were offered help.

Sorry for that little tid-bit. It’d been on my mind for a couple days and I needed to get it out there.


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