Another beginning

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January 1, 2014 by jenniferdawn73


Another beginning, it’s the start of another year. I know that even though I may not see it now God is doing something great this year!

Some of the things I want for this year are that I make more memories, remember more things and take more time to study and read!

I have a hard time believing that 2013 is over and I don’t really know what I have to show for it? My goal for the next couple days is to reflect, as well as to make goals and plan for 2014! One thing I realized about 2013 is that I didn’t really have established goals, so seeing progress wasn’t always easy.

One of my issues for 2013 is my goals were not really measurable. They were all very general, I thought this would be better and allow me to feel a sense of more accomplishment. However, I don’t think it did.

I have already set a goal of doing at least one extra “chore” around the house each week. On top of the normal things that I am already able to keep up with and do.

For January I’m going to set the goal of working out at least 3 days a week, and loosing 5 pounds or 1 inch from specific areas. I will revisit this at the end of the month and see where we are. Another fitness goal for January is a handstand push up.

Financially, I want to balance my checkbook weekly. As well as paying off our smallest bill so we can start snowballing our others. The debt goal is a yearly goal, unless the Lord provides miraculously which I would be happy to accept, that goal will take more than a month to reach.

I am excited for 2014, even though I don’t feel I accomplished much I pray the Lord shows me what His purpose was in 2013. However, either way I am grateful for my family, my life and all that He has chosen to bless us with!


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