Jewell by Thirty-One | First impressions & wow

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February 5, 2015 by jenniferdawn73

I’ve never had the opportunity to be a product tester before, so excited to try out some of the new Jewell by Thirty-One products.

Thanks so much to my friend and Thirty-One gifts supplier I mean consultant 🙂 Lara Ludwick

My first thought when she told me about the new products was “I’m good with what I have, I love my Retro Metro Foldover

The she offered an opportunity to test the products and… I’m excited to say I was chosen to be a product tester.

She chose me to review the Rolling Jewell Wallet & the Fashion Week purse.


First Impressions
The first product I’m getting to try is the Rolling Jewell Wallet | Coral Kisses Pebble. Most of the photos came out looking more pink, however it is a fabulous bright orange color

I love the color

The pattern on the material is FABULOUS!
I love the thickness!

For me I carry lots of cards & I think I may need something with more pockets

It doesn’t fit my checkbook.

Here is what it looks like with what I have pared down to for the trial period.


So excited to try it out, I think I’m leaning toward the All About the Benjamins wallet for my needs 🙂

The second product I get to test is the
Fashion Week purse | Teal Affair Vintage Pebble

I’m not sure how to best photograph the purse, I love it.

The color is great
It’s a great size
I also again love the texture!
It fits my iPad
Lots of pockets


I loved the purse and my time with it, I decided it’s not time for me to have a fancy purse but I LOVED them!

Give my fantastic Thirty One gifts girl a call if you want anything!


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