2015 Memories

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January 11, 2016 by jenniferdawn73

Well now that things have somewhat slowed down, ha. I thought I’d sit down and do a quick post about last year. I would like to post several memory posts so we shall see. 

There were many blessings in 2015. I’ll list a few of them then possibly explain. It’s funny because I don’t remember a lot about the beginning of the year necessarily a lot of the things that come to mind start about May….

  • Leading worship for youth
  • Helping with Children’s church
  • Getting a puppy
  • Youth Camp
  • Kids Camp
  • Being let go from my job
  • All the people who helped me pack my classroom
  • Receiving a job subbing 
  • Accepting ministry position in Kentucky
  • Getting the house ready to sell
  • Living with my parents
  • Christmas with my inlaws in Tucson 
  • Christmas with my family in California

So many of the things on this list could be a post about the Lord’s provision and plan in and of themselves. Possibly I will come back and expound in later posts at another time. 

2015 was an amazing ride and a blessed time, while I didn’t enjoy all the things that happened I know The Lord’s plan and purpose is so much greater than ours and we are blessed to be used by Him. 

While I was making my list I started moving into some 2016 events cause I am rather excited about this year to come! So I’ll leave them here and hopefully post more about them later. 

  • Moving 1800+ miles across country
  • My inlaws driving with us
  • My parents keeping our puppy 😢
  • My inlaws keeping our Harvey 😢
  • Being homeless (but not without a home)

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