Day 1

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September 7, 2017 by jenniferdawn73


This is going to be fairly short, hopefully there will be more to come soon!

There comes a time in our lives where we have to decide that we are who we are, I cannot say that I’m there by any stretch of the imagination however I am working hard to be there. I want to love the skin I’m in and thrive in it.

This is day 1 of the best year of my life.

This is day 1 of a brand new adventure.

This year is truly going to be the best one yet. I’m deciding that today!

I really want this year to come to be filled with amazing adventures & bigger and better friendships.

I decided at the beginning of today that it was going to be good, and in all it was. There was a lot of ick in the middle, however when I was able to look past that and move forward, thanks to a friend I’ll mention in a moment, it was a great day!

I can’t remember ever mentioning anyone specifically in my blog before however today there are a couple people I would like to talk about for a moment who helped make today a special day.



One of these friends went out of their way to leave me a special birthday surprise this morning. It was amazing,

Thank you so much Deanna for leaving me such a special surprize!





There are people who come into our lives when we weren’t expecting them and they just seem to fit, there are moments where it seems crazy and strange, and others where it seems amazing. So thankful for a relatively new friendship that has been life changing in a rather short amount of time.

Thank you Amanda for being a motivation to be a better athlete and friend. Thank you for pushing me to find the positive in an otherwise frustrating day! You push me to be a better human in many areas of my life right now & that is amazing.




And saving the best for last, my amazing husband for helping with my car surprise & for getting my an amazing bouquet of flowers to celebrate my special day!

He is so sweet and caring and is a blessing to myself and many others.




Here’s looking forward to the best year of my life! So grateful for your support and friendship!



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